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Teen Grow Greens


For the past 5 years, Teens Grow Greens (TGG) has included the Dolphin Pool contest in their entrepreneurship program. This amazing collaboration has given the teens the unique opportunity to share the stage and think critically about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. 

Each year, 10 - 12 TGG teams, present their pitch before a select panel of judges, a few hours prior to the Dolphin Pool event. Due to COVID, all team pitches were pre-recorded and viewed by our glorious panel of judges to determine what final 2 teams would proceed to the final round of The Dolphin Pool: Entrepreneur Pitch Contest. 

Preliminary Round Pitches

Clear Scents

Created by Branden Shine

E Back Designs

Created by Markell Milton + Dexter Bailey

Jamaican Mixed Patty

Created by Anthony Horton

Seaur Skin

Created by Madison Wright + Kyla Chester-Hopkins 

VK Creations

Created by Viktorya Fifer + Khamari Weston

What Pest?

Created by Johann Ortiz + Jose Hernandez

Coeur d'Afrique

Created by Fatoumata Guisse + Meri Mazang

Fog Trappers

Created by Aqelah Grant 

OSAP Covid Kits

Created by Amira Randolph, Olivia May + Deangelo Hixon

Unbotherable Stakes

Created by Te'Kyla Miller + Zion Woods

We're Here

Created by Breanna Taylor + Karina Soto

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