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mission statement

Riverworks BID #25 (RBID) seeks to improve, maintain, and promote the Riverworks Center (the physical boundaries of the Business Improvement District) through thoughtful programs and services for the benefit of property owners, tenants, consumers and residents.

The Riverworks BID focuses on three key areas to maintain and improve the appearance and perception of the Riverworks Center:​ 

  • Public Safety & Appearance

  • Marketing & Promoting

  • Business & Property Assistance

Milwaukee's Creative District

The Riverworks Business Improvement District, identified as Milwaukee's Creative District, is well known for encouraging local creative makers to build their business and promote the arts. 

Recently, an influx of community-minded developers are in the process of redeveloping former industrial facilities into shared makers spaces, offices and warehouses.

Check out our operating plan for more insight into our goals to establish the district as a creative and safe plan to live, work and transport through. 

Looking forward

The vacancy rates are down, property values are increasing and a number of developers have purchased old manufacturing properties and repurposed them for multi-tenants. Excitement and energy seem to be buzz words for the district these days. New ideas are being developed, public spaces were activated for employees and residents, i.e. Beerline trail and Holton Street. The District continues to strive to improve the physical conditions and the safety of the area and connect tools and resources to areabusinesses.

Board of directors

Carl Nilssen

Board Chair

Kaercher / Deuel

Bob Smith

Vice Chair

BID Property Owner

Steve Chitwood


PNC Bank

Sandy Woycke


CTC Supplies Inc

Mark Porecca


BID Property Owner

Cliff Wenniger


Wenniger Compressors

Kevin Riordan


The Boerke Company

LC Whitehead


RET Lounge


811 E Vienna Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Willie Karidis
Executive Director

Karen Cheney
Accounting Manager

what we do

The Riverworks BID focuses on three key areas to maintain and improve the appearance and perception of the Riverworks Center:​Public Safety & Appearance, Marketing & Promoting, and Business & Property Assistance. ​The district is primarily made up of commercial, manufacturing, small maker manufacturing follow the link below for a map of our district boundaries.

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